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My inspiration for photography has always been a desire to capture something spectacular, something unusual, and something unique. This drives me to stand in the path of a violent tornado or in the middle of intense lightning storms, to stay up all night under the stars exposing the hidden Milky Way, or to drive 800 miles in a day in search of something breathtaking.

You may find it crazy, and maybe I'm a thrill seeker, but the themes I most enjoy display the power and beauty of nature, and involve severe weather, lightning, and beautiful landscapes from across the country. 

This eventually evolved into applying this passion to help people capture special moments in their lives - weddings, engagements, graduations, portraits, and more.


My passion for photography stems from my many years of traveling the world, striving to capture the splendor of creation and the beauty of culture.

As I pursued a career in crime scene investigation, my training and experience allowed me to develop my skills in photography as the camera quickly earned a place as one of my most important tools.What I didn’t expect was the inherent need for balance in my life. Being on the other side of the lens, in a law enforcement capacity, led me to a newfound desire to intentionally shift my focus when I wasn’t at work.

With a growing compassion for life, love and beauty, I now seek to have my photographs be a testament of not only the beauty of creation but also the beauty of people and life’s most treasured moments.

It is an honor and a privilege to capture these moments and provide a lasting memory to stand the test of time.

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