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About me, and "Negative Tilt Photography"

If you know me personally, you might know me by several different titles: Adventurer, computer geek, backyard fabricator, Police Officer, and of course photographer. If you don't know me, you can call me Jeff. When I'm not at my "real job", you might often find me on the road looking for something exciting to point a camera at.

My inspiration for photography has always been a desire to capture something spectacular, something unusual, and something unique. This drives me to stand in the path of a violent tornado or in the middle of intense lightning storms, to stay up all night under the stars exposing the hidden Milky Way, or to drive 800 miles in a day in search of something breathtaking.

You may find it crazy.. and maybe I'm a thrill seeker, but the themes I most enjoy display the power and beauty of nature, and involve severe weather, lightning, and beautiful landscapes from across the country. 

I'm always seeking new challenges, and looking for private projects for others, from portraiture and weddings to promotional photography for museums or special events. Don't hesitate to contact me if I might be able to help you with anything!

The first thing everybody asks me is about the name:

The title "Negative Tilt" refers to a "negatively tilted trough", which is a rather rare meteorological phenomenon that produces particularly severe weather. And although I shoot using only digital equipment, I felt the term "negative" still tied in with photography. Now I just need to get a "tilt-shift" lens...  :-) 

I have a number of framed and canvas prints available - take a look at my online Store for more information! I have small to enormous sizes, and they look great on the wall!

Use the contact link above to send me a message, or you can always email me at Jeff@NegativeTilt.com.

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